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Simplify your healthcare management with us

Complete Care Partners (CCP) works as a personal healthcare assistant, providing patients with a dedicated team to help manage care so you can focus on your health.

Complete Care Partners Is Your Personal Healthcare Assistant

Our goal is to decrease both hospitalization and doctor's visits.  Through our direct communication with your physician, we can promptly address any concerns or questions you may have and provide you with the necessary care.

Patient Care Management: How It Works

The process is simple and straightforward to make your healthcare experience uncomplicated.

01. Physicians Order

Your doctor orders a program best suited to monitor your health and uses the data collected to adjust your care plan as needed.

02. Care Call

Our service connects you with a dedicated Care Coordinator who assists in managing your doctor's care plan. They diligently monitor your chronic disease through regular phone call check-ins. Your Care Coordinator will also assist you with prescription refills, insurance authorizations, community assistance programs (such as transportation and meal programs), and more!

Bonus Perk

If you qualify for our Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring Program, you will receive a blood pressure machine at no cost to you! Manage your health conveniently from home with specialized devices transmitting data to your healthcare provider. Especially beneficial for seniors with chronic conditions like hypertension, these programs offer early detection, personalized care, and improved outcomes. 

03. Check Your Health Data

Monitor your health daily. Whenever a reading is complete, a report is generated and sent to your Care Coordinator who will evaluate the data.

04. Physician Communication

Our system uploads your data monthly, triggering instant alerts to your doctor for any abnormal readings, ensuring ongoing health monitoring. Access to a cell phone with data or home wireless internet is essential for patients.

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